The British pop singer has been recording tracks for the album ever since he and his bandmates began a hiatus at the end of 2015, and now the deadline for the project is being rushed due to the fact he's set to become a dad any day now.

"Until that happens he will continue spending as much time in the studio as he can," a source tells The Sun.

Payne is said to be absolutely exhausted by all the work he is doing.

"It's not ideal right now but it will mean he’s completely free to dote on mum and baby when the time quickly comes," the insider explains, “but it’s fair to say he’s already completely knackered (tired) due to this schedule. People at the studio only see him at night and he locks himself away from 9pm until four or five in the morning, only taking an occasional cigarette break."

Meanwhile his heavily pregnant girlfriend, singer Cheryl, recently modelled for what appears to be her only official maternity photos in a series of images snapped for a L'Oreal campaign taken as part of the Prince’s Trust confidence initiative.

The stunning pictures, released on 22 February (17), featured the glamorous 33-year-old posing in a skin-tight black dress. Neither Liam nor Cheryl have commented on the baby news publicly, but reports suggest she is due to go into labour this month (Mar17).