One Direction star Liam Payne has spoken out to dismiss false reports about his boozing on tour, insisting: "I don't drink any more than a uni student my age".

The British singer was left fuming after editors of news website published an article in which they suggested he has been drinking too much while on the road with the band.

Payne has now spoken out to silence speculation about his partying and won an apology.

In a series of posts on, he writes, "I don't really like responding too (sic) news articles anymore but I really think this is out of order I don't have a problem... Thanks for worrying but I don't spend my time off stage drinking I play video games with friends and go to the gym... I don't drink any more than a uni (university) student my age so don't treat me like I'm any different to a normal boy my age... Apologies for the rant guys have a nice evening."

A notice later published on the website reads, "We offer our apologies to Liam Payne and his fans for the nature of the above story... Rather than sweep it under the rug, the story has been left in its original form, save for this mea culpa, for the sake of transparency. Again, our apologies."

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