One Direction member Harry Styles looks to be at last giving girls his own age a chance at love, as he has been seeing former-Inbetweeners actress and Dancing On Ice contestant Emily Atack since his band returned back to the UK from their tour of Australia.

The relationship, likely to break millions of teenage girls hearts, looks to be a serious one too as pals of the singer have said that the couple are looking more loved up each day, according to the Daily Mail. This will be Harry's first serious relationship since splitting from Caroline Flack, a relationship that was much bemoaned given the massive age gap between the two.

Although she may not be as old as the Xtra Factor host Flack, 32, at 22 years of age Atack is still showing the signs of Style's admiration for older women, being 4 years older that the singer.

Styles will be in the UK, probably spending it loved up with his new beau, until the band head on tour again to America for a 3-month, 62-date excursion of the North American continent. This may give hope to a number of teenage fans as the last time they went on tour happened to be the time he split from Caroline Flack.