One Direction want a Take That style split and comeback.

The 'Live While We're Young' hitmakers have only just finished recording their second album 'Take Me Home', but are thinking about taking a ten year hiatus like Gary Barlow's band did in 1996 after three studio albums.

Irish singer Niall Horan explained: ''We want to be like Take That or Gary Barlow - take ten years out and then come back.''

His comment was made shortly after Take That star Robbie Williams - who briefly returned to the band for a tour and album in 2010 - shared his belief that Harry could become a huge solo star.

He said: ''I remember being 21, seeing George Michael, who's ten years older, and thinking, 'There's a vacancy there'.

''So there must be a Harry Styles looking at me, going, 'He's over the hill now'.''

One Direction - also formed of Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson - released a teaser video for their new single 'Little Things' yesterday (29.10.12).

The boys have admitted they couldn't be happier with the song, which was penned by Ed Sheeran.

Niall added to The Mirror newspaper: ''We heard the new song and said, 'Yeah, that's a cracker, we want it.

''For the video, we just kind of sit around in a studio and act like we're recording.''

'Little Things' and 'Take Me Home' are both available for purchase on November 12.