The Broadway revival of On Golden Pond is set to close on Sunday (26JUN05) unless its ailing star, James Earl Jones, can return to the production next week (ends01JUL05).

Jones, 74, has been replaced by CHARLES TURNER since taking leave from the New York production on 15 June (05) to battle a bout of pneumonia.

But following the actor's absence, box office receipts have plummeted, with the play filling less than 40 per cent of the seats at the Cort Theatre.

Producer JEFFREY FINN says, "No one wants to close this amazing production, and we're all eager to take down the provisional closing notice, but if he (Jones) is unable to return in the near future, closing is our most financially responsible decision."

On Golden Pond opened in April (05) to largely positive reviews, particularly for Jones, who portrays professor NORMAN THAYER.

23/06/2005 09:41