Harry Connick, JR.'s daughter feared for her father's sanity after he took on the role of a psychiatrist in Broadway play On a Clear Day You Can See Forever because he channels such a wide range of emotions in every show.
The singer/actor is currently appearing on the Big Apple stage as Dr. Mark Bruckner, a psychiatrist who grows conflicted over his relationship with a patient.
He admits his 15-year-old daughter Georgia had reservations about the musical, fearing her dad might crack trying to portray such happiness and angst eight times a week.
During an appearance on U.S. chat show The View on Thursday (15Dec11), he said, "I have to get very, very emotional at the end of this show... I go through some pretty difficult psychological issues and at the end it gets very hard for me. And Georgia said, 'Dad, I'm worried that you're going 'there' eight times a week as this character, is that opening you up, sort of emotionally?'
"And she said, 'I'm worried about you as a man.' She goes, 'I know that's your character but when you have to channel that...' I hadn't thought about it and I started freaking out about that. I said, 'Well I don't know yet,' because this was in previews. But now that we've done 30 or 40 shows I'm OK, so far. I tell her, 'No I'm alright.'"