R&B singer Omarion is set to become a first-time father.

The Ice Box hitmaker and his girlfriend Apryl Jones are expecting their first child, a son, later this summer (14).

He took to Instagram.com earlier this month (Mar14) to announce the news to his followers by posting a video of the baby's sonogram, along with a caption that read: "Say hi #comingsoon #thelegacybegins @aprylsjones is my heart, what a great gift! #ecstatic"

And unlike many celebrities who prefer to keep their personal lives private, Omarion tells Ok! Magazine that he and Jones will be keeping his fans in the loop as they prepare to become parents.

He explains, "We have been sharing our pregnancy with the public through our Instagram and stuff like that. I embrace who I am. I just want my child to do the same thing. I love sharing it with my fans and people that grew up with me who may have their own kids. I think it’s so dope.

"So when my son comes of age, he’s going to be a part of the community of fans. So we have no problem with sharing the process of our pregnancy with the public."

He adds, "I'm completely excited and confident going into fatherhood... I'm excited about being responsible for someone. Being honest with someone. And sharing information and learning from someone else."