LATEST: B2K member J-BOOG has branded the R+B group's manager CHRIS STOKES' company "demonic", following the quartet's split.

J-Boog, real name JARRELL HOUSTON, is now part of a trio with original members LIL' FIZZ and RAZ B, while lead singer Omarion has remained with manager Stokes to forge a solo career.

And GIRLFRIEND singer J-Boog - who is also Omarion's cousin - says he and his bandmates decided to distance themselves from Stokes' THE ULTIMATE GROUP ENTERTAINMENT (TUG) because they found his practices to be unethical.

He tells entertainment news website EURWEB, "We were 13 and 14 years old when we started and just wanted to sing. We weren't thinking longevity.

"Contracts were signed and things weren't done fairly. We didn't know anything about this business and, as we got older, we started researching and things weren't matching up.

"Chris holds a reputation that's not good, but we were loyal to him and didn't want to believe that. But we did research and found out about bad business and unfair business decisions.

"Without getting into specifics, things were being done under the table, and they were things we were unaware of. Now we refuse to do business with him or anyone involved with him.

"That company (TUG) is demonic, for real! For anyone to take advantage of a child, and rape them, not literally, but from a business standpoint, and have no remorse - they're demonic!"

08/01/2004 02:25