B2K's split has affected more than just their music - their relationships with relatives have also been rocked.

Just days into the New Year, manager CHRIS STOKES announced that, following a fall-out, bandmembers J-BOOG, LIL' FIZZ and RAZ-B will continue as a trio - without Stokes - while former frontman Omarion will pursue a solo career, under the music mogul's guidance..

But the break-up has presented an awkward situation, because J-Boog and Omarion are cousins, and Raz-B is Stokes' nephew, with whom he shares a California home.

J-Boog says of the band's relationship with Omarion: "We love him and always will. But we will no longer work with him in regards to B2K as long as he's with Chris."

08/01/2004 09:34