Producers on a British TV show HOLBY CITY are trying to persuade acting legend Omar Sharif to star in the hospital drama, after a bet with a cast member.

Actress Tina Hobley asked BBC bosses if she could have six months holiday, and they agreed provided she convince the LAWRENCE OF ARABIA star to make a cameo appearance.

And producers admit they have approached the ACADEMY AWARD nominee.

Hobley says, "I am a huge fan and I made a deal with the producers. I asked if they would give me six months off if I managed to get Omar to join the cast and they agreed. So I'm working on it."

A Holby City spokesperson adds, "He has certainly not signed on the dotted line, though."

But if Sharif agrees, he'll join an already star-studded line-up of actors on the prime-time show - cast members include Ewan McGregor's STAR WARS star uncle Denis Lawson and JESUS OF NAZARETH star ROBERT POWELL.

26/07/2005 01:52