Veteran actor Omar Sharif has been ordered to pay $318,000 (GBP159,000) in damages to a car park attendant he punched in 2005. The Doctor Zhivago star was leaving Mastro's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills, California when he tried to pay Guatemalan valet Juan Anderson for his car in euros. When Anderson pointed out euros aren't a valid currency in the U.S., Sharif hit him in the head and called him a "stupid Mexican". Last year (07), Sharif admitted battery and was ordered to take an anger management course and fined $100 (GBP50). And on Thursday (21Feb08), Santa Monica Superior Court Judge Joe W. Hilberman awarded Anderson damages totalling $318,190 (GBP159,095) and costs and legal fees. Sharif, who is representing himself, wasn't in court. In August 2003, the actor was found guilty of hitting a police officer at a casino near Paris, France.