LATEST: Movie legend Omar Sharif has hit out at claims he attacked a California parking attendant who refused to allow him to pay a parking fine in European Euros.

In a lawsuit filed at Los Angeles Superior Court, JUAN ANDERSON claims the DOCTOR ZHIVAGO star called him a "stupid Mexican" and punched him in the face during the incident outside Mastro's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills on 11 June (05).

Valet Anderson, 48 - who is Guatemalan - alleges he retrieved the 73-year-old's Porsche Cayenne SUV, but Sharif tried to pay him with a 20 Euro note, reports the New York Daily News.

Anderson explained he could only accept US dollars. He alleges in the suit that Sharif later became "rageful and punched the valet in the face with a closed fist, drawing blood," leaving Anderson with facial bruises.

Friends Sharif was dining with allegedly offered Anderson $50 "to pretend the attack did not happen".

Sharif's lawyer, MARTIN SINGER, called the claim "ridiculous" and said Sharif has "several witnesses" who could back him up.

He adds, "The police looked into this claim and didn't want to file any charges," adding Sharif "is also a minority. The only reason he got sued is because he was a celebrity."