Tarek El-Sharif claims the 83 year old is struggling with his memory and confuses his films, while he alleges the Lawrence of Arabia and Doctor Zhivago star also mistakes fans who ask him for his autograph for old friends.

El-Sharif tells Spanish publication El Mundo, "My father has Alzheimer's. It's difficult to determine what stage it's at. It's obvious he'll never improve and it will get worse. There are times of the day when he's better and others in which he feels confused.

"He knows who he is but not necessarily the reason people greet him. When someone sees him in the street and approaches him, he often thinks it's someone he used to know whose name and face he's forgotten, when most of the time it's just a fan."

Sharif's son adds, "He remembers... Doctor Zhivago but he's forgotten when it was filmed. He can talk about the film but he forgets its name or he calls it something else instead, like Lawrence of Arabia."

El-Sharif reveals his father's condition became apparent in the days following his ex-wife Faten's death in January (15), when the retired actor asked his son about his mother's health.