Bollywood superstar Om Puri has hit back at allegations he assaulted his wife Nandita, insisting his estranged partner is a "compulsive liar".

The East Is East actor has been booked on three charges after his wife of 20 years filed a domestic violence complaint in Mumbai, India last week (ends23Aug13).

The allegation from Nandita centred around an argument she had with her husband over the maintenance of their Mumbai flat.

Police in Versova had initially been unable to locate the actor, who has claimed his lawyer told him not to appear in court. Now Puri has reached out to slam the accusations levelled against him.

He tells The Times of India, "My lawyer told me that I need not be present in court. (My wife) has been alleging that I don't pay her maintenance, which is a complete lie. I have proof of every payment I made to her... She wanted most of my property, which I was ready to give because I want peace.

"She is a compulsive liar. I have never been involved in any kind of violence. Earlier, she accused me of trying to kidnap her son. Her allegation proved to be a lie."

In a separate statement to The Indian Express, he adds, "I have been working in the industry for 35 years, have acted in over 250 films here in 20 films abroad but no complaint of abuse or beating or misbehaviour or anything negative has ever come out against me. It shows she is lying."