British pop star Olly Murs has become "obsessed" with protecting his vocal cords after he lost his voice last year (14).

The Heart Skips a Beat hitmaker feared his singing career was over when he suffered voice troubles in 2014, and he is now doing all he can to keep his most precious instrument in top condition.

Murs has embarked on a new exercise regime and plans to spend all of February (15) working with a vocal coach ahead of a planned tour in March (15).

He tells Britain's Event magazine, "My voice. I thought I lost it. It was horrible. I did spend a few days thinking it was never coming back, that I'd damaged it for good. I saw doctors, throat experts, and even when I knew it would come back, I worried how it would come back, and whether it would go again.

"When I could finally sing after a couple of days I was so relieved... Even now I'm worried about what's going to happen on my tour. All I know is that I'm doing everything I can to look after it... My resolution is to get fit and get through the year with my voice intact. I'm starting off with tons of running and sprinting, then spending from February with a vocal coach, doing special exercises, doing my special hums to warm myself up. I'll become the throat guru! I'm obsessed with anything to do with vocal cords."