Olly Murs would never join a dating app.

The 'You Don't Know Love' hitmaker is keen to find love again following his split from Francesca Thomas over a year ago, but he's adamant he'd never resort to Tinder - a location-based social search service app in which users try to find their Mr or Mrs. Right - to look for his next girlfriend because he prefers to meet people the traditional way.

Speaking to the Metro.co.uk, he said: ''I'm not on Tinder, Jesus Christ! I was joking! When it came out and there was a craze I remember thinking this Tinder thing is kicking off. But no, I'm not on it. (I prefer to meet people using) old school methods.''

The 32-year-old hunk isn't against using social media to strike up an initial connection, but is a little skeptical of women's motives when they reach out to him.

He explained: ''Social media has helped because you can meet people. But obviously in this industry you meet people all the time so you'll get numbers or contact someone and even if you don't get it that day you can find someone. You can be like, 'Hey I met you the other day, fancy going for a drink sometime?' Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It's hard to know though if people genuinely like me.''

But, if he does hit it off with a girl online, Olly likes to spoil her with a lavish meal.

He said: ''I like going to a nice restaurant and I like having a good drink. And I always pick up the bill. I was on this date and she said to me some guy asked her to pay half. I know there's this sexism thing, like I'm being the gentleman but then women go, 'What you saying? I'm a woman so I can't afford it?' I'm like, 'Don't have a row! I'm just trying to be nice!' ''

But Olly recently admitted he isn't actively looking for a new girlfriend.

He said: ''To be honest with you I'm just quite happy being single at the moment, a bit of a free spirit, focusing on work really. I'm just so career driven, I love my job and I think that unfortunately sometimes probably hampers me having a girlfriend or having someone in my life because I'm constantly working.''