Olly Murs thinks women find it ''hard'' to date him.

The 34-year-old singer is currently single and while he insists it isn't difficult for him to find someone to go out with, he knows being his girlfriend isn't easy because of his fame and high-profile.

He told Closer magazine: ''Dating isn't hard for me, it's harder for the girls who meet me.

''They might have already had a preconception of me and I might not be what they expect.

''They're also entering a world that's quite different, they could get papped and end up in the paper.

''They may think that I'm not as good-looking as I seem on TV or they might think I'm not as nice in real life.

''Whereas for me, I'm just meeting them for the first time. Maybe that's why I'm still single!''

Olly's last serious relationship - with Francesca Thomas - came to an end after three years in 2015 and he admits now it was partly his ''selfish'' behaviour and focus on his career that was to blame for their split.

He said: ''I suppose when I was with my ex, I was just a little bit selfish and my career was the most important thing.

''I didn't want to lose what I had,, and I didn't want to take my eye off the ball. I think that's what happens when you're an ambitious person and want to have a successful career - you have to be selfish.

''When I first met her, I was about to start touring across America with One Direction and then I came back and toured with Robbie Williams.

''I was always on a plane travelling somewhere, doing something. For her, at the time, it must have been super hard.''

But the 'Troublemaker' hitmaker has learned from the past and thinks he'd be a ''better'' boyfriend now.

He added: ''I think I'd make it work a lot better with someone now. I think I'm in a much better place.

''I've learned from that relationship and what I did wrong. I'll make sure the next person has got priority in my life and is not just part of the journey.

''Next time it will be their journey as well as mine - we will be on it together. You learn from experiences.''