Olly Murs wants to take his mum to Prince Harry's wedding.

The 'Troublemaker' hitmaker - who has been largely single since his three-year relationship with Francesca Thomas ended in 2015 - would love to land an invitation to the prince's nuptials to Meghan Markle in May, and if he was allowed to take a guest, he doesn't think his mother would ''forgive'' him if he took anyone else along.

He said: ''My mum wouldn't forgive me if I didn't take her. It would have to be your mum wouldn't it?''

The 33-year-old singer thinks the former 'Suits' actress is ''amazing'' and believes the pair are very well suited.

He told Heat magazine: ''[Meghan is] amazing. I've always been a big fan of Prince Harry - I think he's such a charming, great guy.

''I don't know Meghan personally, obviously, but she seems like a really lovely girl.

''And I think Harry has obviously been looking for love and has found someone who is on the same level as him. I think it's great.''

If Olly does land an invitation to the wedding, he's already planned to buy the couple lewd card game Cards Against Humanity as a wedding present.

He said ''I'd buy them Cards Against Humanity.

''I think that would be a good one for the royals.

''To be honest, I reckon Prince Harry has already got it.

''I like the idea of, the day after the wedding or next Christmas, them all getting together and having a few drinks with the queen and Prince Charles and Camilla and them all playing Cards Against Humanity.''