Olly Murs wants to be ''more than just'' his ''package''.

The 'Wrapped Up' singer is notorious for having a bulging crotch in tight trousers, but has decided to employ a new stylist this year so that people can see past his well-endowed groin.

He revealed: ''I started working with a new stylist who told me that all everyone talked about was my package and that it was time for it to go so that people would start seeing me differently.''

Although he could understand where the fashionista was coming from, the 30-year-old star said he believes people appreciate him for his music - including hits 'Trouble Maker' and 'Heart Skips a Beat' - rather than his appearance.

He continued: ''He was pretty blunt about it and I could see his point. I think I've proved I'm more than just my package.''

However, the cheeky chap is now more determined than ever to change his look so has decided to begin exercising more this year, as well as taking better care of his voice after a terrifying moment in 2014 when he believed he would never sing again.

He told the Mail on Sunday's Event magazine: ''I thought I lost it [his voice]. It was horrible. I did spend a few days thinking it was never coming back, that I'd damaged it for good.

''My resolution for this year is to get fit and get through the year with my voice intact. I'm starting off with tons of running and sprinting, then spending February with a vocal coach, doing exercises, doing my special hums to warm myself up. I'll become the throat guru. I'm obsessed with anything to do with vocal cords.''