Olly Murs wants to date a ''strong independent woman''.

The 34-year-old singer is currently single and his ideal girlfriend would have her ''own path'' in life and he's looking for someone who is his equal and not using him for his fame.

He said: ''I think I've got a good gauge. I'm very private so if she started doing loads of Instagram stories about me, I'd be like, 'Why are you doing that?' I want a strong, ambitious, independent woman with her own path in life.

''That's the kind of woman who attracts me. I don't want to be the main person working. I want us to be equal.

''I think it's so important to have the right balance in a relationship.''

The 'Troublemaker' hitmaker admitted he's had to ''sacrifice'' his personal life for the sake of his career but that doesn't mean he hasn't had the time to date or have fun.

Asked if he thinks he would have been married with children by now if he wasn't famous, he told OK! magazine: ''Most likely, yeah.

''Sometimes you have to make sacrifices.

''My love life has suffered slightly because of my career but it doesn't mean I'm not dating and having fun.

''There's no stress for me. I'm 34, I'm still young. It'll happen when it happens. I'm not upset about it.''

And Olly laughed off recent speculation he's dating reality star Jess Wright, insisting he would never get involved with her because her brother Mark Wright is a good friend,

He said: ''It's the 'bro code'. You can't date your mate's sister, it would be difficult.

''I'm really good friends with Mark so it's never going to happen with Jess.

''As much as I like Jess and she's a really lovely person, we're just really good friends.''