Olly Murs won't be happy until he gets a number one.

The 32-year-old pop star hasn't managed to bag a chart-topping song yet and is desperate for his latest track 'You Don't Know Love' to smash the charts, but he admits it's ''hard'' to get a number one with streaming being ''so popular''.

He said: ''For me, 'You Don't Know Love' has been successful and I'm enjoying it and it's gone well, but it's still not where I want it to be.

''I want the song to be number one I think it's hard now for any artist - especially UK artists - to get a number one.

''Streaming is so popular, so if you are an in demand act, obviously people want to listen to your music. I feel like the chart now, for breaking new artists, is harder, because the songs have to be incredible.''

Meanwhile, the 'Troublemaker' singer has admitted he is ''struggling'' trying to make his music accessible to both mums and teenagers.

He said: ''My demographic is the mums, but I also have loads of teens. So I'm sort of in between the crest of both and I'm suffering a bit.

''My mum, for example, downloaded Spotify for this record because she was like, 'Oh is that what I have to do now?'

''But 'You Don't Know Love' has had 40 million streams, so I can't argue. But at the same time, do I want my song to be number one? 100 per cent. Every artist wants to be top of the tree.''

However, the former 'X Factor' star said he ''can't complain'' with the success he's had and accepts that he will have to ''roll with the punches'' as the music industry changes.

He told Digital Spy: ''I do think it's the way forward, but for example, my song has been number one on the radio airplay chart for the last couple of weeks, and that's amazing for me - it's huge.

''The radio chart doesn't help on the main chart, whereas with streaming you have to be on certain playlists for it to have effect.

''So then a Spotify or Apple Music playlist would be the equivalent of us listening to a radio playlist.

''So why the radio, streaming and download charts - like the Americans do - aren't accumulated together, I don't understand. Look, it is what it is and I have to roll with the punches. I'm still doing brilliantly so I can't complain.''