Olly Murs ''can't wait'' to have children.

The 29-year-old singer - who has been dating model Francesca Thomas for 17 months - insists he isn't ready to settle down just yet, but he looks forward to getting married and starting a family in the future.

Asked what the future holds, he said: ''It's not something I'm looking for right now, but I can't wait to have kids. Most guys, at some point, have a dream to get married and have a little one in their arms.''

The 'Dear Darlin' singer hates girls who play games and insist he is always ''honest'' with the people he is dating after seeing tricks backfire on his friends.

He told Cosmopolitan magazine: ''I hate all that b******t; playing silly games where you ignore each other.

''If you like someone then just go for it. Some of my mates play games, then they regret it because the girls get bored of them. Girls used to do it with me and I'd get annoyed. You need to be honest with each other.''