Olly Murs is ''scared'' he's missed his chance of finding love.

The 'Oh My Goodness' hitmaker insists he is happy being single but is also concerned his devotion to his work means he will never find a girlfriend.

He told more! magazine: ''I'm happy being single at the moment. It's much easier. Ladies confuse everything.

''But if it was the right girl it'd be a different story. I'm just worried I work too hard. I'm scared any opportunities for love have passed me by.''

Despite his fears, Olly was particularly taken with Parisian women on a recent trip to France.

He said: ''I've just got back from Paris. It's full of hot girls!

''They're really fit. I've never fallen in love so many times just walking down the street.''

The 27-year-old singer is preparing to undertake a stint In America supporting One Direction on tour and is looking forward to showcasing his talents to a new audience.

He said: ''I don't want to change the way I am, I just want to go and be myself like I have been in the UK. It's a great opportunity.''