Olly Murs is open to the idea of writing a Christmas album in 2017.

The 32-year-old pop star is currently looking forward to the big day and has admitted he may even release a festive-themed record in the not-too-distant future.

He said: ''I think I have a Christmas album in me, I would never rule it out. My producers have always suggested it.

''It's difficult to get it right but I'm open to the idea. Next Christmas, we'll see.''

In early 2017, meanwhile, Olly will turn his attention to awards season and has admitted he would love for his latest album, '24 Hrs', to receive some sort of recognition.

The singer-songwriter told the Daily Star newspaper: ''I'm performing at the BRIT Awards launch in January.

''I'm hoping to be nominated and pick an award up. I'd really like one.

''The fact that I'm performing at the launch means I'm doing something right. Then my tour will be special.

''There's a party at my parent's house, I'm leaving it late, so I might just throw a concert there.''

Olly's album features some of his most personal work to date, but the former 'X Factor' contestant has insisted he remains committed to writing ''feel-good pop records''.

He said: ''People don't do pop records any more - tracks like 'Unpredictable' sound like a proper pop record. I'm into feel-good pop records.''