Olly Murs finds it hard to meet ''genuine'' women.

The 'Troublemaker' hitmaker is currently single and though his fame hasn't stopped him from dating, he admitted it can be difficult to find the ''right girls'' because it isn't always clear whether they like him for himself or because he's in the public eye.

He said: ''I don't find it that difficult [to meet women] but it is a tricky one.

''I go on dates, but it's hard to find the right girls - ones that genuinely like you.

''It's a lot different to when I wasn't famous.''

The 33-year-old singer thinks he is ''quite good'' at romantic gestures but doesn't always get them right.

Asked if he's romantic, he said:'' Yes and no. I think most of the time I'm quite good but sometimes I'm rubbish...

''I think I'm really thoughtful. I like doing nice things for someone. I'm good at buying presents. And I give good cuddles as well.''

Olly has openly spoken about his crush on Jennifer Lawrence and he was lucky enough to meet the 'mother!' star at the Radio 1 studios a few months ago, and it only strengthened his feelings for her.

He told Top of the Pops magazine: : ''I'd love to meet Jennifer Lawrence again. She was amazing - such a lovely person.

''I fancied her much more in person. I really fancied her on TV and in all her films, then when I met her I was like, 'Oh man'. ''

When he's looking for a new girlfriend, the 'Voice' coach wants someone who can make him laugh.

Asked his ideal girlfriend, he said: ''Someone with a fun personality, who I can get on really well with.

''Someone I can have a laugh with, who does't care too much about what people think and just enjoys having fun. And is adventurous.''