Olly Murs thinks breaking up with Francesca Thomas was a ''mistake''

The 33-year-old singer split from the property manager in 2015 after three years together but it took him until sometime afterwards to realise he was ''heartbroken'' and regretted the decision.

He said: ''I think I broke my own heart by letting my ex-girlfriend go. But that's my own fault.

''That's probably the last time my heart was broken.

''It was one of those ones where you break up with someone and you don't really realise for about a year after that, actually, you've made a big mistake.''

But the 'Troublemaker' hitmaker thinks too much time has passed for him to attempt a reconciliation.

Asked if he'd tell her he wanted her back, he said: ''No, it's moved on from that now.

''It's too far gone. But hey ho.''

And despite his heartbreak, Olly is still optimistic about the future.

He added: ''Look, it's fine. I'm not really depressed about it, although it's taken me a long time to get over her.

''But you know, timing plays a part too.

''I think that, sometimes in life, you meet people at the wrong time or in the wrong place. But you never know what's around the corner.

''I've moved forward and life's great.''

The 'Voice' coach thinks one of the most important things about the end of a relationship is to learn something from it.

He told heat magazine: ''I think men mend their broken hearts by simply moving on and learning from it.

''You've got to look at your personality and think, 'Why did it not work with that person? What did I do wrong?'

''You've got to learn from your mistakes and understand why it happened.

''No one is perfect in any relationship.

''I hate it when people say, 'It's their loss, whoever gets me next is lucky.' I think if I had been a better person, or maybe done something different, then maybe it would have worked for us.''