Olly Murs thinks next year will be ''madness''.

The 'You Don't Know Love' singer is making the most of being able to jet off on holiday over the festive period because he thinks it will be the final break he gets before he starts preparing for his 2017 tour.

He said: ''My plans for Christmas ... Home really, home sweet home.

''I'm going to go away on holiday I think get a bit of a break in before the madness next year but I'm looking forward to it.''

Olly has been single since splitting from Francesca Thomas last year after three years together, and though he is finally over their break-up, he isn't going out to look for love at the moment because he is focusing on his career.

He told BANG Showbiz: ''You know what, if someone came along, great, but at the moment for me I'm just happy being single.

''When you break up with someone, it's all ups and downs trying to figure out whether it was the right or the wrong thing but now I feel absolutely fantastic. I feel great.

''I feel like it's just time to focus on music then see what happens next year and see who pops into my life.''

The 32-year-old singer may be taking a relaxed approach to finding love, but he recently admitted his biggest fear is never finding someone to settle down with.

He said: ''What's my deepest fear? Personally, never meeting the right person, getting married and having kids.

''I'm sure I could get married and have kids but I hope it's with the right person - that's my only fear. Obviously, there are much bigger things to be fearful of in the world.''