Olly Murs thinks he is as well-known as Queen Elizabeth in the UK.

The 'Heart Skips A Beat' hitmaker admitted while he is not as recognisable across the world as the British monarch, he thinks he has built up such a big fan base that he is now on a par with the 85-year-old royal in his home nation.

Asked whether he is as well-known as the queen, he said: ''Maybe in the UK, but the queen is known across the world and I definitely don't think I have got to that status.

''I met the royals recently, but I haven't been invited to Buckingham Palace ... yet!''

However, while the singer compared himself to the queen, he doesn't think he is as ''nice or tasty'' as another British icon - the fry up.

Olly added: ''I don't think I'm as nice or as tasty as a fry-up! I'm sure if people had the option of buying a full English or me, I think they'd prefer the big breakfast. I know I would anyway!''