Olly Murs can't take girls back to his house.

The 27-year-old singer finds it difficult to get a girlfriend and says meeting people is made more difficult by the fact he still lives with his parents, who won't allow any of his female pals to stay over.

He said: "I never bring girls home. My mum and dad wouldn't let me have girls over. They're only allowed to come for dinner and do it properly.

"So if I met a girl, I'd have to go to their house - or get a hotel room - if that's what they wanted."

Olly also insisted he has never slept with another famous person but he wishes he had.

He said: "I've never slept with a celebrity. I wish I had - I'd be so excited about it. No one's ever even come on to me."

Though he is currently single, the 'Thinking of Me' hitmaker believes he is a good boyfriend and has never cheated on a girlfriend - though he admits he ended his last relationship when he was tempted to be unfaithful.

He told Now magazine: "I've been tempted [to cheat]. With my ex, we were going through a tough time just after I was on 'The X Factor'. I still loved her - so to avoid cheating on her, I needed to call it a day."