Olly Murs had his ''pants down'' when his record company offices got evacuated last week.

The 34-year-old singer was among hundreds of people who fled what was initially thought to be a knife attack at Sony Music headquarters in London last Friday (02.11.18) but turned out to be a fight between kitchen staff, and he admitted he could barely keep his trousers up as he left the building.

He recalled to The Sun newspaper: ''I was there -- with my pants down.

''I was doing a styling fitting so I was getting changed and trying to put clothes on then we heard this big kerfuffle and a lot of noise.

''The whole place got ­evacuated. To walk past the canteen, to see what had ­happened -- there was a lot of blood and two guys involved in a fight.

''I put my trousers on, I put my suit on -- I looked like MC Hammer, I had these massive trousers on -- but listen, it was dealt with the right way. Sony dealt with it really well.

''The most important thing is no one died, the people have been arrested and they will get dealt with.''

Last year, the 'Wrapped Up' hitmaker urged people to flee London department store Selfridges due to ''gun shots'' - which police later insisted had never gone off - and he admitted his first thought about the Sony evacuation was ''not again''.

He said: ''I've been involved in two similar things now, I'm unlucky at the moment.

''It was one of those moments when you think 'Not again'. The police were running in with guns and stuff like that.

''It was a knife fight. Listen, anyone that sees a knife fight, there's nothing nice about that.

''That is brutal and, to be fair, there were a few people that got involved that were amazing, that got the guy down, that got the knife away. There was a lot of bravery involved.

''It could have been ­terrible, we could be sat here now talking about someone dying.

''I really did have a little moment -- I got home and thought, 'God, not again'.''

The two men allegedly involved in the fight were arrested and treated for their injuries.