Olly Murs likes being groped by fans at his gigs.

The 'Dear Darlin' singer doesn't understand why Beyonce was furious when a fan slapped her behind during a concert last month, claiming he is accustomed to being fondled by audience members' wandering hands.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''Beyonce should get over it. Try being me. Every gig I do I get groped. Mind you, I'm probably encouraging it and she maybe isn't.''

The cheeky chart-topper is hoping for some more female attention when he goes on tour to support Robbie Williams now the former Take That singer is married, saying he even looks forward to being frisked at the airport because he has been single for so long.

He joked: ''I can't wait to get frisked. I edge into the lane where the hottest looking female is doing the checks. It's the only thrill I've been getting recently.''

The British singer also dished the dirt on his first ever celebrity crush, Victoria Beckham, hinting if things with her soccer superstar husband David ever end, he'll be first in line.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: ''She was my very first crush. I used to carry pictures of her around with me everywhere. She is gorgeous and still my ideal date.''