Olly Murs is to star in '101 Dalmatian Street'.

The 'Excuses' hitmaker has turned his hand to acting and will be voicing Cornish Doberman, Spike, in Disney Channel's brand new animated series.

Speaking about his exciting new role, he said: ''I'm voicing a very chilled but adventurous Doberman called Spike. He's a surfer dude with a sensitive streak who develops a soft spot for Dolly when the characters head to Cornwall for a summer holiday. I really enjoyed taking on the exciting new challenge of voice acting, particularly for such a cool new Disney Channel character. The series starts on 18th March and Spike will get his starring role later this summer - I can't wait to see the reaction to my canine creation when it airs.''

Olly's character Spike will appear in a two-part special, which is set in Cornwall, with the singer having teased how Spike gets involved with the 101 Dalmatians in the new series, which is set in modern day Camden, London and features eldest siblings Dylan and Dolly, their parents Doug and Delilah, and 97 younger puppies, whose names also begin with 'D'.

He shared: ''In the episode that I'm going to be in, they [the 101 Dalmatian Street family] come down on a holiday from London all the way down to Cornwall where they bump into Spike, but the holiday goes wrong and Spike helps to save the day.''

Olly has always wanted to try his hand at being a voiceover artist and is excited about the opportunity.

Speaking about his voiceover dreams, he added: ''I've always wanted to do a voiceover and I love acting, so for me this is amazing to be able to do for the first time ... I enjoyed doing my first ever voiceover a lot. I perfected my dog barking skills many years ago, so I was able to get them out there to the universe today. It was really good fun.''

'101 Dalmatian Street' launches on March 18 at 5pm on Disney Channel.