Olly Murs doesn't think he was ''the perfect boyfriend''.

The 'Never Been Better' hitmaker feels he may have been able to prevent his split from Francesca Thomas as he realises there may be times he let her down.

He confessed: ''I wasn't the perfect boyfriend - I might have caused arguments. When you have a year or so to reflect on a relationship, you realise when you're away from someone actually I did let you down in some areas. I could have done things differently and maybe we wouldn't be in the position that we're in.''

And there is one particular song on his album that Olly, 32, hopes will inspire Francesca to take him back.

Talking about 'Back Around', he said: ''This song, it's me saying, 'I let you down. I should have been a better boyfriend.' I'm openly admitting that, and maybe if you bring your love back around, we could make this work.''

Asked if he thinks they could get back together one day, he told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''Never say never but we're living our own lives and we'll see what happens. Francesca's heard the album. It's important for us to have this break.''

Meanwhile, Olly previously admitted he worries about being ''old and grey'' before he falls in love.

He shared: ''For me the future is a bit uncertain, I don't know where I'll be, or who I'll be with. I can't not think about it. Finding that person, it's hard. The one thing I don't want is to be grey, old and never fall in love, and to never be with someone.

''My mates all have girlfriends, they need a visa to go on a night out with me, so I'm Billy No Mates. I really need Niall to stop recording his record and come out with me.''