Olly Murs has been mocked ''every day'' on Twitter ever since he claimed to be in the midst of a terrorist attack in London in November.

The 33-year-old singer has been widely ridiculed after he falsely claimed on the micro-blogging site that gun shots were fired near Oxford Street station, which prompted him to hide in a department store.

He explained: ''I get mocked every day on Twitter. Someone always has a little dig.

''Well, next time you're in Selfridges and that happens to you, I'll message you and say 'How was that? How do you feel now? You're not Mr Brave now are you?'

''You're not going to stand there and go 'Oh, wait a minute, before I make a tweet I'm going out there and see if someone's got a gun.'''

Olly admitted it's easy for people to make fun of him in retrospect.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''If I'd done it and someone had been shooting, you'd all be sitting here now going 'You know what Olly, you've done well.'

''But no. I'm told 'Olly you did a terrible job.' Why? They say 'You caused loads of panic!' No I didn't. The panic had already started.''

Rumours of a terrorist attack were actually started after two men were seen fighting at a nearby underground train station.

However, Olly has also hinted at there being some kind of cover-up about what really happened on that evening.

The 'Heart Skips a Beat' hitmaker said: ''Something happened that day. Whether it was covered up, I don't know.''

TV star Piers Morgan accused Olly of worsening the situation with his tweets.

But the pop singer maintains that something mysterious went on that day, and that the truth has still to emerge.

He said: ''I ran into an office after being told by the staff of Selfridges that someone was there with a gun.

''Whether they were shooting into the air, or whatever, something happened that day - whether it was covered up, I don't know.''