Olly Murs fears he'll miss out on becoming a father because of his fame.

The 34-year-old singer - who dated property manager Francesca Thomas for three years until 2015 - would love to become a parent in the future, but he worries that being in the spotlight and pictured out ''drinking and partying'' could get in the way of his chance of settling down and starting a family.

In an interview with the Metro newspaper, he spilled: ''I'd be scared to miss out on fatherhood and being a parent and having a family - I'd hate to miss out on that.

''If I can meet the right person it would be an incredible thing to do. I'd like to think I'd be an incredible father and husband.

''The only reason why I don't go out on dates is because I am too worried about the paps and I don't like being pictured out drinking and partying.

''That's not fair why can't I go on a date with a girl? I feel I've got to be under pressure every time I go on a date - it's frustrating. ''

The 'That Girl' hitmaker says he ''just wants to meet a nice girl'' but is concerned that some of his romantic interests may be put off is they see him going out with other women.

He said: ''I just want to meet a nice girl, go for a drink and not be worried about the after effects.

''Three or four days later I might go on a date with someone else - because I am dating to see what's happening.

''Then it's a confusing situation. The girl I have already planned to see goes 'You were on a date last week' but that's what you do when you are dating! You are trying to figure out who is who, it's impossible.''