Olly Murs managed to keep his cool after slipping down the stage stairs during his set on the main stage at Guilfest over the weekend.
However, instead of burying his head in shame, Murs discovered a YouTube video showing footage of the incident and posted it on his own Twitter account with the caption, "I have to post this... Had me in stitches!! . I'm expecting Huge caining from this... Haha". The clip has since had over 19,000, and fans seemed to be laughing with him. His fall took place whilst he was covering Stevie Wonder's 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered', swaggering across the stage and singing to the audience before slipping on the stairs leading down to the crowd, and taking a tumble. Luckily, the 'Heat Skips a Beat' singer was unharmed and promptly got to his feet and carried on the tune without delay.
A somewhat red-faced Olly casually commented on the incident on Twitter, saying, "Oooh jeez! Proper stacked it tonight on stage haha Guilfest was sooo cool.. Amazing you all turned up and stayed!! Specially with the rain!! X' Suggestions that the slip was caused by the wet weather are currently unconfirmed. Murs had light-heartedly commented on the rain before the performance by Tweeting that he may purchase some 'wellies' on the way to the festival.