Olly Murs cannot wait to have Christmas at home this year because he hasn't tasted his mum's cooking in 2014.

The 'Heart Skips A Beat' hitmaker has admitted he cannot wait to have a family Christmas and gorge on a lovely home-cooked meal over the festive period because he feels ''bad'' about not going home at all this year.

He said: ''I'm most looking forward to eating at my mum's (this Christmas). I haven't had a dinner at my mum's this year and that is pretty bad. I am really looking forward to having her roast dinner.''

While he is excited about his upcoming family Christmas, Olly doesn't expect any year to ever top the unforgettable Christmas Day when he received a Sega Megadrive games console, which he still regards as his best ever present.

Speaking at the Amazon.co.uk Fulfilment Centre yesterday (24.11.14), where took part in a Christmas present gift wrapping challenge, he added: ''My favourite ever Christmas memory is the year I got a Sega Megadrive, I will never forget it, it was my first real games console.

''We didn't have much money at Christmas and I got that so it was a big thing.''

While the 30-year-old singer has been too busy to visit his mother since the start of the year, writing his fourth album 'Never Been Better', releasing the record's first single 'Wrapped Up' and appearing in Band Aid 2014 Christmas single, he has still found time to cook his own food.

The star recently revealed he likes to hold barbecues over the summer period but his pals One Direction always used to say they were ''too busy'' to attend.

He said: ''I always invite the 1D boys to my BBQs but they're too busy.

''My trick is to cook the chicken for a really long time. There's been no food poisoning yet!''