Olly Murs doesn't have ''many'' famous friends.

The singer and talent show coach - who joined 'The Voice' last year - admitted he gets a lot out of his experiences co-owning local football club Coggeshall Town because it helps him ''feel real'' in a way his day job doesn't allow him to do.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, he explained: ''The industry I'm in I don't have many mates.

''I have a lot of acquaintances but not many I would have dinner at my house with or share personal stuff with. So being around that environment makes me feel real and keeps me grounded.''

The 'Dance With Me Tonight' hitmaker already has an eye on his career after music, and he revealed he would love to own his own pub.

He said: ''In the future, when things quieten down and I'm looking for the next adventure, I might open a bar.

''Me and my friend have always joked about it, it depends if I got family and kids - I might prefer to stay at home.

''Of course maybe owning a pub isn't the best for me. I'd be in the bar too much.''

Meanwhile, the 34-year-old musician's rumoured fling with Zara McDermott, 22, has been shrugged off by the 'Love Island' beauty who insisted the pair are just friends.

She recently said: ''He definitely thought I was his type on paper. He's a lot older than me though. I feel really annoyed now because it's awkward. Everyone thinks I'm dating bloody Olly Murs. Imagine my ideal man wants to slide into my DMs but they think I'm with Olly. It's not ideal.

''I sing and play the piano and he invited me to watch The Voice to see how it works as I want to get into all of that. He was lovely to me and that's all I can say.''