Olly Murs has to protect his voice after bursting a blood vessel in his vocal cords three years' ago.

The 'Troublemaker' hitmaker suffered the worrying injury whilst singing out loud to the radio whilst he was driving his car and he was left with painful bruising all down one side of his throat which made it too painful for him to sing.

Now he's made a recovery, Olly has to make sure he doesn't do too much shouting and singing when he's not working so his voice is in its best condition when he needs it for recording and touring but he finds it tough because he's a naturally loud person.

In an interview on 'Loose Women' on Monday (01.04.19), he said: ''I burst a blood vessel in my vocal cords about three years ago, it was something on the radio and I was in my car driving and singing along and screaming and I just remember thinking, 'That doesn't feel good.' I went and got checked out and I found out that literally one side of my throat was all bruised and black. I do have to be careful now, but I'm terrible because I'm shouting and screaming all the time.''

To keep his voice strong, Olly - who shot to fame on 'The X Factor' in 2009 - does a number of vocal exercises to strengthen what nature has given him.

He added: ''I train my voice all the time, I hate it when singers say, 'I don't need to.' ''

As well as training his voice, Olly also trains hard in the gym and he admits that since he started getting serious about exercising he has never felt better both physically and mentally.

'The Voice' coach said: ''I'm always training. I want to look good all the time, I want the ladies to still like me, I've got to keep the hips still moving! When I was my ex-girlfriend I used to eat a lot. I'd be having Doritos on a Friday night, curry, Chinese food and after three or four months I just blew up. I remember my sister's son Louis wanted to play with me and I couldn't because I was so unfit and then I had a tour coming up so I thought, 'I need to get fit for the tour.' Now, I just love training, it's really good for your mindset, I just love doing something.''