Olly Murs finally plucked up the courage to ask out British sweetheart Cheryl Cole after months of making his interest in the pop singer known, but his way of doing things was a little questionable. Instead of making enquiries through his showbiz pals, Murs decided to ask for Cheryl's number in plain view of millions of Twitter users.
Earlier in the week, Olly's digital followers had hounded him to contact Cole - whom he has made no secret of his admiration for -and he finally gave in. After an initial message to say hello, Cheryl actually got back to the former X Factor finalist, saying, "sod it ill tweet you back lol...Hope your good babe xx". Seizing his opportunity, Murs wrote back, "Haha sod it cherylCole I'll ask for your number then cantblameaguyfortrying worthashot lol haha x". The problem is, Olly sent the message on Tuesday (March 6, 2012) and there has been so-far no reply. According to the UK's Daily Mirror, Murs has previously said, "I'm not going to lie, she's unbelievable (Cole). She smells good, she looks good. If I go back on The X Factor this year, I'm going to go straight to her dressing room".