Oh dear Olly Murs, it's one thing to get turned down for a date when you're just texting one-on-one or having a conversation with someone, it's another to find yourself getting the cold shoulder when you're Tweeting in front of millions of followers, both for you and the girl whose heart you're hoping to win. Perhaps he should've known better, but one can't help but feel for the 'X Factor' 2009 finalist after he was snubbed by one of the show's former judges, Cheryl Cole, when he asked her for her number over Twitter. Overconfidence or just stupidity?
The Daily Mirror reports that earlier in the week, Muis had tweeted to Cole having been egged on by his 1.8 million followers; he's always fancied Cole apparently, ever since first meeting her on the show, and so felt that this was the opportune moment to strike. Excitement followed when she got back to him, writing "sod it ill tweet you back lol...Hope your good babe xx" Clearly emboldened by this development, he then followed it up with "Haha sod it @cherylCole I'll ask for your number then cantblameaguyfortrying worthashot lol haha x" Personally, we can't think of a more romantic way to go about it. Picture of your genitals over Facebook perhaps?