LATEST: French hunk Olivier Martinez is desperate to save his romance with Australian pop minx KYLIE MINOGUE - furiously denying the speculation he is dating Taking Lives co-star Angelina Jolie.

The SPINNING AROUND singer was furious when she heard rumours her lover had been wining and dining the twice-divorced American actress - before staying over at Angelina's rented home in Canada.

A source tells the DAILY STAR, "Olivier hasn't been a saint in the past with his ex-lovers and Kylie knows that. It is quite a common thing for actors to start bed-ending each other on film sets. So she wanted answers - and good answers."

To try and repair any damage done, the smouldering UNFAITHFUL star has been plaguing his diminutive lover with phone calls.

The friend continues, "Kylie vented in true Australian style. But gradually they both managed to connect and say what they both needed to say.

"Olivier has dismissed the gossip as rubbish, and Kylie is showing some trust. They talked about everything and they will be meeting up very soon. It would be a tragedy if they split. Olivier seems to be the right man at the right time in Kylie's life."

27/07/2003 11:47