Olivier Martinez has been cast in a new first-of-its kind online crime drama.

The 46-year-old actor - who is engaged to Halle Berry - has signed up to play elusive cybercriminal Gustove Dobreff in the fictional digital film, which is due to premiere on Yahoo!.

Olivier will star alongside Missy Peregrym (Chloe Jocelyn) in the fictional motion picture event, which will highlight the growing threat of cybercrime, identity theft and online vulnerabilities.

Manny Montana ('Breakout Kings') is set to star as FBI agent Frank Parker and Kick Gurry will play a former cybercriminal turned good-guy, while Diego Velasco will direct and Miles Chapman ('The Tomb') is to write The Script.

'CSI' creator Anthony E. Zuiker will direct the production - which has teamed up with internet security specialist Norton by Symantec to consult on the project - and he is delighted to have signed up Olivier and Missy for the lead roles.

He said: ''I could not be happier with the talent level for 'Cybergeddon'. Missy, Manny, and Kick are such gifted actors and a dream trio for us, and Diego is a dynamic shooter and visceral storyteller. Adding Olivier Martinez to the mix puts this movie over the top.''

Bill O'Dowd, CEO of Dolphin Digital Studios, added: ''Dolphin's commitment to bringing best in class original scripted programming to the Internet starts with the combination of the best talent and the budget to execute their vision.

''Anthony E. Zuiker is a world class storyteller and it is a testament to his vision for Cybergeddon that we are able to attract Olivier, Missy, and such an amazing cast.''

'Cybergeddon' will premiere globally on Yahoo! in September 2012