French star Olivier Martinez has lashed out at photo editors for making a film cast outing to a basketball game look like a 'date' with ANGELINA JOLIE.

Martinez's girlfriend Kylie Minogue flew over to the Montreal, Canada set of Taking Lives last July (03) after "intimate" photos of the Gallic hunk, Jolie and her son MADDOX were published in the world's press.

However Minogue had nothing to worry about as Martinez's other co-star Ethan Hawke was there with his children MAYA and LEVON (ROAN), which photo editors chose to remove from the image.

Martinez blasts, "Ethan was there with his kids. It becomes crazy. Imagine people writing stuff like that about you every week, that's just not true.

"You have your mum and friends calling you going, 'What the f**k's going on?' After a while they don't believe these stupid things anymore, but other people, they still do."

15/03/2004 02:19