The actress Olivier Martinez left singer Kylie Minogue for has hit out at claims she stole the heartthrob. Martinez walked away from his relationship with Minogue last year (06), just months after she beat breast cancer. It was claimed Martinez had cheated with Sarai Givati while he was still dating the Australian singer - but the 25-year-old insists there was no "overlap". She says, "No one can steal someone else - people aren't suitcases. This mistake has haunted me for a long time. I didn't steal anyone's man and to be labelled as the girl who caused the break-up isn't fair. "We had a relationship, but there was no lying on his part. To my knowledge - and I believe him - there was no overlap between him seeing Kylie and then seeing me. I started seeing Olivier after he had split from Kylie and there was no reason to believe otherwise." Martinez and Minogue are now reportedly back together.