Olivia's manager has brushed off Drake's accusations the singer/rapper tricked fans into believing they had collaborated on a new track - insisting her team assumed the producers had been given the green light for the project.
Lil Wayne's protege slammed Olivia for using his vocals on a track called Control, which was leaked online - because he never agreed to work on a duet with the singer.
He said, "I've never worked with Olivia and I apologise to any fan who was duped into thinking that Control was a collaboration of mine."
But a representative for Olivia - most famous for her 50 Cent duet, Candy Shop - insists her team never tried to pass the song off as a collaborative piece, and believed producers Sold Out Entertainment asked permission to use Drake's rap.
Manager Rich Dollaz tells HipHopDX, "Number one, we never said we worked with Drake. Number two, the Canadian producers who did (Control), Sold Out Entertainment, we sent them our part back. They leaked out the record which is why I've always said the record (had) been leaked, not because we wanted to diss Drake, but because we understand what it was. We never worked with Drake, we did our half the record and they did their half.
"Maybe it was a big deal for (Drake), because he has a couple records on the radio right now. I don't really know what the issue is... We never said it was on her album, the producers sent us the record asking Olivia to get on it.
"Bottom line is we thought Drake was paid, which is why we felt he was authorised. We let the Sold Out guys handle all that, we sent the record back - no label cleared him but that was never the intent of the song to be on Olivia's album."