Late BEATLE GEORGE HARRISON was left "shell-shocked" by the band's worldwide fame, his widow Olivia reveals. The guitarist suffered immense stress as the band were propelled to superstardom in the 1960s, and spent the rest of his life travelling the globe with his second wife to find a tranquil haven away from his celebrity, she claims. Olivia, who married Harrison in 1978, says, "He was shell-shocked from the whole Beatle experience. Literally shell-shocked. "He hated loud noises. And imagine it all day, every day, for five or six years, people were screaming at you when you opened your door, jumping on the hood of your car, looking in your window. And then there were the death threats. He wanted to be far away. And he wanted sunshine. "George was always on a quest to get as far away as he could... I had the feeling that he travelled the planet simply to look for solitude." Harrison died of cancer in a Hollywood Hills mansion in November 2001.