British actress Olivia Williams is so pro breast-feeding - she insists on a clause in her movie contracts that allows her to feed her child onset.

The SIXTH SENSE star and husband RHASHAN STONE welcomed their little girl ESME into the world in April (04) and as she films her latest project AGATHA CHRISTIE: A LIFE IN PICTURES, Williams has been nurturing her baby whenever the youngster is hungry.

Williams says, "I'm playing Christie in the film which will be on the BBC. It was very important to me that I could feed Esme and the producers were happy for me to do so. No one seemed to mind.

"I'll be damned if anyone tells me whether I can or can't breast-feed. Perhaps it's the 'don't f**k with me' look on my face, but I've breast-fed in a JOHN LEWIS department store, on an aeroplane and on the steps of a building in Harley Street (London)."

12/08/2004 17:11