British actress Olivia Williams is spearheading a campaign to improve a road in her native London after three pedestrians were killed on a crossing.
The An Education star organised a local petition calling for better signage on the capital's Marylebone Road, but she's stepping up her safety scheme following the deaths of two pedestrians this summer (11).
In a column for London's Evening Standard magazine, she writes, "The other thing I've found time to do is solve London's traffic problems. I came back from the U.S. last year to find my temporarily successful 300-signature petition to improve the crossings on Marylebone Road had been over-ruled.
"Twice this summer I had to explain to my children why the road had been cordoned off where crowds were gathered around a corpse. When I started the petition I was told - off the record - that only a death would force a change in policy, but three deaths later we are still entrusting our survival to the wayward green man who tempts you into the middle of the road, then b**gers off and leaves you there snatching a fallen child, a wheelchair and your life from the undercarriage of a lorry.
"I strongly favour the countdown system on (London road) Oxford Circus, so that whether you are on a scooter or a Zimmer you can at least make an informed assessment of whether you're going to make it across the road before a juggernaut runs over your legs - the fate of the latest Marylebone Road victim."