Olivia Wilde thinks wearing too much concealer is one of the biggest red carpet beauty mistakes.

The 29-year-old actress has learnt her lesson after realising liberally applying the product to even out the skin tone under her eyes actually made her look like a raccoon in photographs.

She told Britain's Tatler magazine: ''Concealer is easy to get wrong. Everything seems normal in daylight, but under a camera flash it turns white and you look like a raccoon.''

Olivia never goes without a flick of liquid eyeliner to enhance her almond-shaped eyes, and admits she often tries to apply her make-up in the car - to disastrous results.

She said: ''I love that whole 60s thing, so the basics are good mascara and some flicky, liquid eyeliner - I've been known to do it in the car, but that never gives great results.''

'The Incredible Burt Wonderstone' star is a big fan of mixing natural oils to create her own distinctive personal scent.

Olivia explained: ''When I was 14, I thought the body shop's white musk was the best thing EVER. Nowadays I'm more into mixing natural oils. Patchouli has a bad rep but adding cedar oil makes it smell amazing.''

The star also revealed she is insecure about her broad shoulders, so is grateful for the current trend for structured tailoring and shoulder pads because it helps disguise them.

Asked what her biggest problem area is, she said: ''Broad shoulders. So it helps that I'm a big fan of forties fashion - they had a real thing for shoulder pads.''